Quality Policy

The quality policy is based both on the company’s philosophy and the objectives and commitments that as an organization it assumes with the staff who work at EDSA, as well as the clients to whom it provides services and products, and with the suppliers.


The relationships that EDSA builds with its environment, that is, staff and clients, have the philosophy of:

Objectives and commitments

The objective in relations with the organizational context (staff, clients, strategic partners, and suppliers), is to build long-term relationships and become a key ally. To this end, EDSA formally commits to:

Management considers this policy as an integral element of its business and is responsible for its broadcasting, understanding and compliance.

Management and Staff Office establish one-on-one communications to know people’s welfare state from a holistic nature. They outline and review people’s growth through their assigned career plan.

Management and Account Managers meet periodically with the client to determine the degree of client satisfaction with EDSA.

Information Security Policy

The Information Security Policy is available. In case you need any further information contact us at the following email address: info@edsa.com.ar.