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We build competitive advantages for your business through generative AI.

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ChatGPT has made generative AI famous.

But there is much more. At EDSA, we use these technologies to revolutionize customer experience, operational excellence, and business intelligence. We help you reinvent your business models with generative AI.

AI generative solutions

Generative AI consulting

Our team of experts identifies opportunities to integrate generative AI into your existing business processes and products. We provide customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our services include data preparation and modeling, algorithm development and implementation, and ongoing support and maintenance.

Intelligent Agents Development

Our experts develop a strategy to help you leverage generative AI to achieve your business goals.

We use advanced generative AI techniques, such as transformers, flow-based models, reinforcement learning, and generative adversarial networks, to develop customized solutions for your specific use cases.

Generative AI application development

Our team develops customized generative AI applications that cater to your business needs.

We specialize in performance optimization, model integration and deployment, and ongoing support and maintenance. This is to ensure the seamless integration of generative AI technology into your existing systems.

Generative AI Integration

Producing unique and personalized content at scale can increase efficiency, save costs, and make customers happier.

Personalized product suggestions, automated social media content production, and predictive sales forecasting analytics are just a few examples of how your business can put GenAI to work.

Benefits of building cloud-native applications.


Implementation of chatbots for customer service and technical support.

Summarize business documents.

Internal document search to increase knowledge transfer within a company.

Generate infinite variations of marketing copy.

Generation of economic scenarios or financial models based on historical data and trends.


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Generative AI in your business.

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