How we work?

We seek to add value at all times.

We build trust

According to PMI and Harvard Business Review, only 50% of projects are successful, delivering value within the estimated budget and time. Satisfaction surveys conducted with our clients indicate that over 95% of our projects are successfully completed.

How we work?

  • Team Integration: we join your internal teams as if we were one, seeking to maintain a smooth and constant flow of communication.
  • Practices at every step: we focus on maintaining quality throughout the entire project, always looking for solutions that really add value.
  • A dedicated manager for you: We will assign you an account manager who will be responsible for understanding your needs and goals. This person will ensure that our services align with what you are looking for and will offer recommendations that fit your needs.

Here’s our process for developing digital solutions:

It consists on a one-week workshop with the key stakeholders of the client's project and EDSA, in which needs, objectives, challenges, consequences of implementing the solution, sponsor expectations, and technological possibilities within the allocated budget and time are evaluated and defined.

The discovery phase defines the success of the project. Needs are identified, stakeholders are analyzed, the idea is validated. In addition, functionalities are prioritized, an initial prototype is created, and a clear roadmap is established. This process ensures that the project is aligned with business objectives and user expectations, minimizing risks from the start.

In the design phase, creative vision and technical solidity are harmonized. The system architecture and UX/UI are outlined, delineating how the technical components and the users will interact. Data structures, information flows, and security protocols are defined, while, in parallel, prototypes and visual designs are developed.

Based on the user stories created in discovery, code is developed in blocks, and each block of user stories goes through quality checks, adjustments, demonstration, and user acceptance testing to define what happens next. Usually a combination of reviews and the next block of user story development. This cycle continues until all user stories are created and the product has all the features complete.

The launch marks the debut of our joint work and the developed solutions are effectively deployed. We focus on a smooth transition for the user, ensuring with the participation of the entire team, that each aspect works as expected, and providing the necessary support to users to adapt and optimize the use of the new tool or service.

After the launch, we offer 30 days of comprehensive support to ensure a smooth transition and the stability of the solution. In addition, we deliver a detailed maintenance plan, guaranteeing that the solution continues to function optimally and adapts to future needs.

To be a partner

We are not looking for projects, we are looking for long-term clients to become partners.

It won't happen from one day to another, we must spend time working together and getting to know each other. After understanding our organizations, our philosophy and your short, medium and long-term objectives, our services will be at their best.

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