About EDSA

Since 1998, has provided reliable technological solutions.

Welcome to EDSA

We are a Latin American custom software development company that, since 1998, has provided reliable technological solutions to more than 60 organizations, helping them to innovate, transform and grow.

Our services are designed for the long term, strengthened by the trust we build every day.

Proof of this is that after 25 years:

  • 7 of our first 10 clients continue to choose us.

  • 9 of our first 10 employees are still part of our team.

  • 5 of our first 10 suppliers are still by our side.

Proven technology partner


Building business solutions




Projects delivered


Delivery centers


Employee retention rate


Cultural alignment and strong English proficiency.

Ability to scale without complications, either by increasing or decreasing the team.

Industry-leading retention, you'll always work with the same team.

Strategic time zone alignment.

Certified teams in the latest technologies and methodologies




EDSA Personalization


In the first year of our relationship with our clients, we are dedicated to understanding their philosophy and their business. In the following years, we seek to understand their strategic objectives, in order to achieve exclusive and personalized solutions.

EDSA Managed Teams

Managed teams

We provide balanced and managed teams, applying practices inspired by ITIL and ISO 27001 standards to ensure a quality service from start to finish, eliminating improvisation.

EDSA Direct communication

Transparent communication

We promote fluid and direct communication between the client and all relevant stakeholders of the service, including EDSA directors. This promotes meticulous and committed attention.

Characteristics of our work team

No outsourcing or freelancers

EDSA developers are all part of our team. We do not delivery projects with developers from outside our organization.

Personalized career plans

Every EDSA collaborator receives feedback on their status and has a career plan tailored to their needs.

Confidentiality agreement

Mandatory confidentiality agreements are signed to protect our clients information.

Hybrid teams

Productivity of a team working in a hybrid scheme is significantly higher than a fully remote team. Our teams are at the same table at least three times a week.

Long-term relationships

HR works to make EDSA your ideal workplace. 9 of our first 10 employees, are still working on EDSA.

EDSA vs. staffing: The main differences

Significant attributes EDSA Staffing Results
Development frameworks Development speed, standardization, effective maintenance
Team management Adequate task assignment, efficient coordination, better quality control
Certified methodologies Unifed working methods
Weekly status reports Transparent and professional project progress information
Corrections based on feedback Fast team role adjustment
Quickly team adjustments Highly scalable up or down
Low staff turnover Teams with low turnover of their members are much more successful
Hybrid work mode The productivity of hybrid work significantly surpasses that of fully remote work
Development speed By working all under the same framework, which they already know or eventually adapt to, the speed is superior to that of members scattered around the world

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